The  Mississippi  Swamp  Dogs  New  Orleans  Jazz  Band

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“A  musical  celebration  of  the  Crescent  City  and  the  Deep South”

About Jazz Bands For Hire

About Jazz Bands For Hire

As you walk through the streets of New Orleans it is not difficult to hear and feel the rich musical heritage of the city. The city that gave the world Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Soul Rock and much more. It all started in this cultural melting pot at the turn of the 20th century. As the years passed, travel for people became easier and the music spread, adapted and changed. But it all bubbled away and fermented in the port of New Orleans!

New Orleans Jazz Band

The Mississippi Swamp Dogs lovingly perform some of the best loved music of the Deep South and New Orleans from across the ages. Equally at home playing the old style jazz of the early masters like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, they also love to present the music of such giants as Alan Toussaint, Fats Domino, the Neville Brothers, Doctor John and Professor Longhair.

In the course of an evening, this hightly talented and entertaining band of musicians will span the twentieth century with the finest range music on the planet. From Soul to Gospel, Cajun to Blues and Jazz to Rhumba, hell, they’ll even throw in some good ‘ol Country Rock too!

The ultimate AND most credible review POSSIBLE!!!

This is Jay, he and his friend dropped by to the dressing room after a show at Boisdales in Canary Wharf, London. He loved the band, check out the video, find out who he is and what he said. A review like this is gold dust, thanks Jay!  

Jazz Band Hire

The bands natural habitat is the dimly lit, atmospheric music club. We highly recommend you come and see the guys tearing it up at such venues as the Hideaway Jazz Bar, Ronnie Scott’s, the Pizza Express, the Bulls Head in Barnes or the Crypt under Saint Martins in the Fields. We urge you to follow the link to our gigs page here for upcoming dates. One of the most entertaining bands on the London live music circuit, the Swamp Dogs are equally at home in a theatre setting, playing for a special party, say a wedding party, a Xmas or New Years celebration, or a themed evening such as Mardi Gras.

If you require more information on hiring this London based band for a variety of events then it can be found here. Information on upcoming gigs  can be accessed here. If you want to know the full range of our services on jazz band hire click this link.

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About the band. Live at the Pizza Express

About the band. Live at the Pizza Express

Would you believe we get asked to play for funerals too? It’s true! Having a New Orleans Jazz Band playing for a New Orleans jazz funeral is a very long standing tradition. The band have been hired to give people a rousing send off all across the country.

The band have performed internationally on many occasions too. For festivals in Switzerland and Italy, for weddings in Poland and cruise band up the Amazon and through the Middle East. So, as you can see, the band are very much a London Jazz group, but happy and willing to travel the four corners of the world to spread their message!


Buy the bands latest album on I Tunes here