Lindy hop Band. Playing for Swing Dancers

Lindy Hop Band. Playing for Swing Dancers


We are a London Lindy Hop Band “go to” swing band for hire! As an experienced professional group, we offer perfect dance tempos, lovely, short well known tunes and NO GAPS! That said, our unique attribute is our size. We don’t know of any other London Swing Band that sounds like six musicians whilst only having four members. This is how we do it: Trombone/Vocals, Sax, Piano/Bass Pedals, Drums. So you get a pianist, a trombonist, a vocalist a bass player, a sax player or a trumpet player and a drummer.

Most Lindy Hop evenings start with the lesson from the organisations teachers. Then, as the evening progresses, the Lindy Hop band perform two sets for dancers to get the opportunity to dance to a great authentic live band. As a musician I can tell you, nothing is satisfying than a floor full happy dancers bopping away to our music!

Lindy Hop Band

What is the definition of a great Lindy Hop Band, especially withing the context of playing for a Swing Dance? The first thing the band has to get right is tempo. Dancers need to dance at certain tempos. Get those right and the floor fills up immediately. Get this wrong and the floor empties sharpish. The second is length of the songs. Three and a half minutes tends to work best for most jivers. We know, we’ve asked them! Remember, the terms Lindy Hop Band and Swing Band are interchangeable!

The third point to nail is repertoire. In London, and we know London, we’ll tear into Take The A Train, Flying Home, Airmail Special, Jersey Bounce, Jive At Five, Jumping At The Woodside and Stomping at the Savoy. these are Lindy Hop Anthems! Voila! a full floor. People have learned to dance to these numbers and they have an affection for these titles. Finally, timing. The Lindy Hop crowd do not want big gaps between songs. They want continuity. The band finishes one number, we announce the next and then BAM! We are off again!

Lindy Hop Band

So, for Swing Band Hire London for your Swing Dance, do contact us.

If you want to check us out live then follow this link for our gig info. If we can, we will get you in as our guest. For more jazz band hire information click here. Here’s a link to the band playing Rat Pack repertoire, also a favourite of the Lindy Hop Crowd!

For a great Swing Dance Organisation that put on great Lindy Hop Nights follow this link to Swing Patrol. A London based company that puts on some fabulous events that include Lindy Hop Bands. We have worked with them on a number of occasions and their events always go great!!